We are the premier apparel and merchandise brand that celebrates Black history...History 239, welcome to our history class!

About Us

Welcome to our history class!  History 239 is the premier apparel and merchandise brand that celebrates and highlights African and African-American history.  In other words, History 239 is the subliminal African and African-American history class that allows us to proudly express our culture through our apparel and merchandise.

Why 239?  The latitudinal coordinate of the geographic centroid of Africa is 2. For North America, it's 39. Both continents share space in the northern hemisphere, therefore, History 239 is an "African-American history class".  We want people of all cultures to see our products and have any or all of the following to happen:

  • People saying "I didn't know that"
  • People saying "I think I've heard about that before"
  • People saying "I forgot about that"
  • People having a brief dialogue about the content and subject matter of the product
  • People doing their own research to learn more about our culture

- History 239 Apparel and Merchandise